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Duxborough Designs, founded in the 1980s, began as one of this area’s premier home design/build firms. After 18 successful years, Duxborough Designs owner Doug Friesen retooled his focus to concentrate solely on residential design. Doug’s design expertise, in conjunction with over 25 years building experience, provides a valuable and insightful alliance for homeowners.


Doug Friesen

“In my early years as a building contractor, I saw that the design process can be very frustrating. More than half of the plans I reviewed were never built, mostly because the scale and cost of the project was out of sync with the client’s needs. Difficult and frustrating journeys into the world of home design seemed the norm. I knew there had to be better way.

Early on, my design/build efforts began revolving around one idea: This is not MY project, this is THEIR project. Beyond that, when the project was completed, I wanted clients to look around and say that they wouldn’t change a thing.

Many decades later I provide my clients with something unique: a design sense rooted in an extensive building background with a dose of plain old good sense. I have taken buildings apart and put them back together in ways people without building experience cannot possibly imagine. I know what works and what doesn’t. My practical knowledge of every aspect of construction provides unprecedented integration between design and construction. For clients that integration translates into more feasible designs, workable plans and much less time, money and frustration on their part. I think it works best that way. ”

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