Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is usually a 1-2 hour meeting, free of charge, where I can assess the scope of your intended project. I will make certain initial suggestions as to the feasibility of different approaches to achieve your desired result, and perhaps suggest some approaches you may not have considered. The goal is for us to be able to agree on the scope of the project, so that I can send you a proposal that accurately encompasses the design work necessary to achieve that end. Also discussed will be your intended time frame and whether you have a builder or will need to find one.

Proposal / Contract

The proposal I send you is quite detailed and will tell you exactly what drawings and documents you will get. Essentially, the main body of the proposal is to give you all the plans and documents you need to get a building permit. The price quoted will be a range, which varies according to the number of revisions necessary to flesh out the project. Other optional drawings and documents available are listed, and are done by the hour according to your needs. Other services available are on-site consultations during the bid and/or construction phases. Signing the enclosed contract and sending a retainer is acceptance of the proposal.

Design Development

First, I will give you a time frame in which you can expect the plans to start. I make every effort to accommodate clients’ individual needs in terms of time frame. In the case of an existing house, I first need to measure and photograph the house. At this time a additional planning meeting is usually necessary to clarify design goals. The first set of design sketches will follow shortly, which will be an image of an accurate virtual 3D model of the project.

Two or three rounds of sketches are usually necessary, and are included in the price range quoted, unless they involve extensive revisions. As the design develops you will get increasingly accurate 3D images of your project. These can also be e-mailed to you to encourage an easy back-and-forth dialog between us. If you are somewhat computer savvy I can supply you with a program that will allow you to view the virtual 3D model in real time, that is, with the ability to rotate, fly over, and walk through the model yourself, on your own computer.

It is part of my obligation to check with local zoning laws to ensure that your project can be permitted. If the project needs the approval of local zoning, conservation or other boards, I can help you prepare the required documents and represent you at hearings.

Schematic (Construction) Plans

Once we have the design of the project nailed down, we proceed with architectural elevations, sections (cut-throughs), schematic framing plans, and any other detailed drawings necessary to accurately depict the project, as well as other documentation needed for the building permit.

Construction Phase

At this point you may need help finding and/or evaluating a builder and evaluating their bids. When construction begins on-site consultation services may be advantageous to ensure the best possible result is achieved.