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The design process can be frustrating, as I found out in the 1980’s as a building contractor. At least three out of every five plans I looked at were never built, mostly because scale and cost were out of sync with the clients real needs. Unhappy journeys into the design world seemed the norm. I didn’t want that for myself or for my clients, I knew there was a better way. People are spending a tremendous amount of money and the outcome is really important to them. I operated my design-build business with this idea: This is not MY project, this is THEIR project, and I want them to look around after it’s done and say “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Many decades later, as a self-taught designer, I provide my clients with something unique; a good sense of design along with plain old good sense. I have taken buildings apart and put them back together in ways that people without building experience cannot possibly imagine. I know what works and what doesn’t. My practical knowledge of every aspect of construction achieves an unprecedented level of integration between design and the actual project construction.

My designs are based on traditional good looks, but interpreted for the modern world. Most houses, regardless of when they were built, have yet to be brought into the modern age. Yet this must be done while retaining the charm that has made New England famous. I would like to think future generations would admire our work with the same fondness people have for the architectural treasures that have been endowed to us. This thought is always foremost in my mind.

– Doug Friesen

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